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What Swoon is All About...


What We Do>>

Swoon creates online publications as marketing tools for your company. We design, write and produce a clickable magazine with emphasis on your company's field with real, relevant informative and entertaining stories that appeal to your target demographic. Then, we place your custom ads throughout so you can push it to your lists, social media and other online outlets. With Swoon, we do everything in-house at a price you can afford making owning a publication something easily attainable. 

Launching a publication can be expensive. Most people don't have the chance to publish their own magazine. While the popularity of online publications has significantly lowered the overhead costs due to the lack of printing fees, you're still stuck with the problem of staffing. At a typical magazine, you'd have to hire designers, writers, editors, a production manager and more. That's just too much to add to any business.


Gaining Clients & Fans>>

By creating a publication with real stories that appeal to your specific demographic, we create an environment where you'll have the readers' undivided attention. When they turn the virtual page they'll come across your ad, in-line with the very subject about which they are reading. It’s pretty simple. We give readers information about something they're interested in, then send them your way to fill that need.

You might be wondering who is going to be reading your publication. Technology today allows us to target your perfect demographic via social media, pay-per-clicks and online advertising. For example, if you have a portfolio of restaurants in San Francisco we can design a magazine about food, drinks and San Francisco and push it out within a 20 mile radius targeting foodies and night-lifers. Likewise, if you own a clothing boutique in a small town in Colorado, we can create a trend driven fashion publication and send it to women who love shopping and fashion in the surrounding area.


Surprising Perks>>

While creating a platform for your advertising is our number one goal, there are a few surprising advantages that come with owning a publication. Perks such as increased social media followers, a steadily growing client list with email addresses and contact information and more. You can also use your magazine to spotlight people in your industry or people in your company, boosting their professional profile and strengthening relationships. Use your magazine to create excitement about your brand by offering giveaways, meet-and-greets and advertorials.

The possibilities are endless.



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